DKS Pro, Automating All Parameters in Ableton Live 8

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Post Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:51 am

Is there any way to automate past parameter 128 in ableton live 8 (which i just upgraded to because its supposed to support this feature, argh!)

ableton says to push the 'configure' button on the instrument (dks), turn the knob you want to add to the list of automatable paramaters and then it should appear but in my case nothing is happening. I am trying to add a macro knob for dist level on cell 1 (M01:Drive Gain).

then reading this page, the following information is given: wrote:For most VST and AU plug-ins, Configure Mode works without problems. Some plug-ins, however, don't correctly notify Live about their parameters. Here are some potential problems and workarounds:

Certain plug-ins (such as Reaktor and Omnisphere) use their own system of parameter configuration. In these cases, automatable parameters must be set up in the plug-in first and then can be automated in Live.

Certain plug-ins do not send specific messages (called "BeginEdit" and "EndEdit") to Live. In these cases, try adding this line to your options.txt file:


Please note that with this option enabled, plug-ins may need more time when switching presets.

(For more information about using the options.txt file, see this page.)

Certain plug-ins (such as BFD 2 and Guru) send no automation information to Live. In these cases, there is currently no way to automate the plug-in parameters in Live.

Note: in cases 2 and 3, the problems are caused by an incorrect implementation of the plug-in. Please contact the developer of any affected plug-in and encourage them to fully support plug-in standards.
I have tried step 2 unsuccessfully so that either means im doing something wrong, or point 3 is valid, in which case, is there a work around?

anyone get param automation working in live with the DKS? i know DKS has a midi map functionality but this is not what i want.

thanks for your help

6 posts since 1 Mar, 2006

Post Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:02 am

Ignore me, i added a new instance of the plugin and now it works. I was initially loading my old live 7 project which had already used up all 128 of its automatable slots.

DKS is awesome! so awesome! :)


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