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Post Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:53 am

Hi All

I am having a problem with Reaper 3.67 and Stormgate 1c (Sorry if wrong forum - Im not sure if its a compatibility issue per se)

I had the problem intermittently on Win 32 but now it is 75% of the time on W7 (64) using bridging.

Googling has not yielded an answer - I am not yet convinced it is a Stormgate problem, since there is no mention of it on the Araldfx forum.

Stormgate does not recall its 3 'dial' settings (ie wet, mix, dry) properly - visually they look OK, but you can hear that they seem to be resetting to unity.

If you grab these settings, but then move them back to where they were, you get a substantial volume boost.

Because it doesnt happen all the time, it means projects are unpredictably different every time I load them - since I might use 8 instances - some will be OK and others not!

I tried setting it good and rendering it like that, but it has not been practicable for several reasons (one being collaboration in the studio).

Any ideas anyone has why this is happening?

Much thanks


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