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Post Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:13 pm

So heres my story

I use Logic Pro X
I have looked for a simple lightweight sampler with the things I want but could not find one
I thought why don't I try and make one so I stumbled upon SonicBirth

I want to make a loadable 4 slot sampler with
Playback button for each sample
Adjustable sample Start and End parameter
Pan dial
Volume fader/dial
Pitch dial
Reverse button

I have tried both version 1.3.1 and v2 alpha

I tried to make simple things and export them
but to be honest I'm kinda not sure what I am doing

the ones I make myself and export as AU from v1.3.1 dont show up at all
Although I have had success with some of the sbc files I have downloaded from this forum and exported as AU using this same version
(Note I rewrap them using 32 lives which makes 32 bit plugins useable with logic pro x)
the v2 alpha files show up but with a message that they are not authorized

Any info helping me progress or figure this out would be appreciated! Thank you

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