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Post Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:43 am

now that i have some actual monitors i took a stroll through the music cafe. with a quarter century in multitrack recording and a dozen years in software development, my perspective isn't the same as it used to be once upon a time, so for what it's worth, here's a word for your consideration from this computer music guy -

music is not quite the commodity it once was .. it's cheap as dirt nowadays, masterful work is lost amongst the volume of downloads et c., stuff you know, .. i think all "us old boys who used to do this thinking we were proliferating cultural ideas" and hopefully, dreams of music stardom should seem less relevant to the daily lives of aspirants.. may i suggest to you that the advantage of the practice of electronic music is not in the development of product/recording/works, but the cultivation of personal attention..

..i say.. attention is the most valuable commodity in the universe (and i'm jotting this post in a noisy environ, not as focused as when i conceived of posting it, but hopefully you can pull some kind of meaning out of it) .. as young people so much of our attention is given to the cultural authority/relevance we find in the works of others.. as growing people (i hesitate to use more final terms like 'grown') our personal attention is more valuable to us and our development than the various cultural rewards we associate with successful practice.

recognition for music.. may never come in this new era.. maybe a few colleagues who recognise the depth of your practice may be the most you'll receive..

..personal attention.. or attention.. the ability to focus, and sustain a state of connection between intent and medium in the practice of art.. the conventional established culture doesn't recognise consciousness as anything more than "okay to drive/operate heavy machinery" and there may be other parties/agencies that are particularly interested in who cultivates attention..

..what i am saying to you.. is to shift to a conscious awareness that what you are doing in composition is cultivating your sense of attention.. through whatever cultural vagaries are facile.. and see where that takes you ;)

but yeah that's what i heard in the music cafe.. people developing some autonomy in attention.. being able to focus and refine in a medium of their own creation instead of the accustomed "attention to externally/culturally sourced media" which generally, would be available through some "virtue" of cultural corroboration.. it's "neat" to hear these people becoming more capable of sustaining some production within their own frame of reference..

still noisy here... other sentiment i've bandied about for the while is to defer energies from forum posting, over the years one presents the same material again and again.. and shift to article writing.. obvious increase in efficiency to do so..
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