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xoxos wrote:make jokes with pictures"
sorry, it was not a bad intent but a careless moment

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I continue to use your VSTs and will continue to do so as long as I can keep a computer working that will run them. Currently, not a problem. I released one album called "Birds", using nothing but the Oscine Tract synth and some musique concrete techniques. That's when you and I first communicated. I recently (a month or so ago?) released "Aerophone", which used nothing but that synth. I also used a number of your synths on a recent release, "33". Your work is unique and superb, and I will continue to use it and tell people about. I see no point for me at which it would cease to be relevant. If anything, I'll need a good 5 years at minimum to catch up with what I've got. Hope you are well, and wishing you a better and more peaceful and happy life (in the here and now).

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