Multiple instances of FuncShaper under "Anticipative FX Procesing" mode in Reaper causes incorrect work.

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Post Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:30 am

Hi! If you use more then one instance of FuncShaper in Reaper project at the track(s) set to "Anticipative FX Procesing" mode (which provides more effective CPU threading), this results in heavily distorted sound (sounds like strong buffer overflow). There's no difference if the plugins are on the same track or not. This thing is present with all FuncShaper versions (including the one inside the ToolChain) and both x86 and x64 platforms. It also takes place even when you put the FuncShaper instances inside some subhosts (like Mutools MUX). The only thing that helps (if you like to use Anticipative FX Procesing mode) is to run each FuncShaper instance in separate process (by means of Reaper or by use of jBridge wrapper).
So as a short conclusion: multiple instances of FuncShaper ran at one Reaper process under "Anticipative FX Procesing" mode "intersect" in some innormal way.
Is there a possibility to fix that?
Thank you!

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