Is toolchain missing effects (e.g. Pitchshifter)?

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Post Sat May 09, 2020 3:35 am

I like these FX, simple utilitarian GUIs, so you can focus on the sound and to do useful things.

After having the x86 versions for years, I came to know that Toolchain existed and I installed it on Reaper 6.06, Windows 10 x64.

I followed the instructions on the .txt, but it seems that the presets folder doesn't match with the FX I get available.

It seems that the pitch shifter and the channel matrix are missing, although there are presets for it.

Then there are these FourOscillatorSection, StereoDelay, Quadrifex, MultiModeFilter preset folders which seem to have no equivalent FX. Some of them maybe are parts of straightliner.

I sometimes use the PitchShifter for sound design. Is it expected to be missing or is it me doing something wrong?

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