Automating Pitch Shifter in FL Studio (Solved)

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Post Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:09 am

Hello! I recently downloaded Pitch Shifter and I'm amazed how good and simple (GUI) it is. BUT I was desperately trying to find out how to automate it! I went through some posts but I couldn't find any help on Fl Studio. After some experimentation I found out a solution (there are maybe more).

some screenchots showing the process:

- First load a sample and insert pitch shifter. Then load Dashboard from the plugin generators.


- Set the input and output.


- Load some sliders (or knobs) and set them as "CC" controllers. Once you do that hit the padlock icon and make sure you can control the sliders.


- Right click / MIDI learn / and tweak the slider. (If 2 parameters are reacting with the same slider revert the values and repeat the process)


- And you are done! Right click on the slider and hit "create automation clip". I hope it helps.


Here it is the project to mess around (Version 11.0.0):!vZgymALa!21IL8HReD ... HxThf45-PA
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Re: Automating Pitch Shifter in FL Studio (Solved)

Post Thu May 05, 2016 11:56 pm

I will investigate a similar workaround in Bitwig, hopefully there is similar functionality.

Also, I read your sig. Do I need to pay a fine now or something? :)

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