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Post Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:39 pm

Hallo Robin

First of all thank you for generously sharing your plugins. Very appreciated !
I was looking for a VST which is able to create LR crossovers, and I found yours; thx again.

My request now : It would be of great use for me (at least) if CrossOver would be able to produce asymmetrical band-passes, say LR2 as the high-pass part and LR4 as the low-pass one; see what I mean ?

I have a DIY project (LX521) for which Siegfried Linkwitz himself recommends such asymmetrical inputs for the filtering thing. Of course I could do that in an approximate way, thus using a symmetrical design, but I would be very pleased going closer to his recommendations.

I do hope my wish could be not a massive bunch of work for you, when feasible.

Big thanks again,

Mit meinen besten Grüßen,

Jean-Pierre Peretti

EDIT : Hum... tut mir Leid; ich hab' wahrscheinlich eine Dummheit geschrieben; hatte nicht genug geguckt wie es läuft. Danke sehr Robin.

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