Need help with Bfd 3 core library.

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Post Thu Jun 11, 2020 8:43 am


I recently bought the upgrade from bfd to bfd 3 in the sale and I have never installed a Fxpansion product in this Mac before(MacBook Pro 2015 i5 8gb ram)

the thing is that I installed the license manager and downloaded the 37.9 gb of the core library and installed it

At first I thought well its a compressed download but when I installed it the size folder says 48gb when in the website says its a 55gb library,

i also don't have all the grooves, only 82 when in the website says its more than 1000.

So I have te impression that im missing content? I thought Ita 55gb but I didn't have installed bfd in this computer.
Any help?

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