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Post Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:09 am

I freely admit that hosting my plugins on Facebook has been a huge success for me. As I give the plugins away for free the interaction with the end-users that the Facebook group offers makes it all worthwhile. It is great to know that the plugins that you are creating are being used and appreciated by those that post on there, either with comments or examples of their work.
However.... Facebook is also a bit of a 'red rag' to some and it is a shame to me that some of the latest Krakli plugs, those that have been well received, are not reaching a larger audience. In all modesty I feel that they are not getting the attention they deserve amongst music-makers more generally.
To this end I am experimenting with the idea of releasing chosen plugins on a generally available website (much as I used to).
The location for this will be and I have already posted a placeholder for this. Currently it is nothing more than a landing page but eventually it will give me the opportunity to have more of a shop-window on the plugs with graphics, descriptions and links to the files themselves.
This does not mean that I will be moving away from the Facebook group, indeed all new releases will be on there first and not available on the KrakliPlugs website for some while after release.

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Post Sun Mar 07, 2021 12:31 pm

Are you updating or have you abandoned it?
Sad about tomorrow
Sorry, but it's not my fault


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No I'm just being a bit lazy with it to be honest

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