News for December, 2012 - SuperCore V2, PRIZM re-edited and more . . .

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Post Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:59 am

Hello everyone.

I have been working tirelessly on several new products and new versions of existing products.


My first big set of news:

I am proud to present SuperCore Version 2.0:


Full version:

SuperCore version 1 needed work, to say the least, so I dumped the original design and re-did almost EVERYTHING! It's no longer proprietary and everything just WORKS! More importantly, it has a clean, easy to see and use layout. The sound quality is eons better than the previous version. Improvements were made in every area and new additions make it even more powerful, yet the cpu footprint is now massively reduced and load times are almost negligible.

1 - Loads soundfonts - one per layer with six total layers - just load a sampleset and GO! Gone are all the confusing controls and grids.

2 - Has Enveloping and EQ per layer. Gone are the many volume problems.

3 - Every layer now has the ability to re-map the samples or zone them. Now you can define how and where each layer plays. Each layer continues to have its own MIDI channel (1-16)

4 - Every layer now has the ability to change the pitch by 2 octaves up and down of that layer with a RESET button to easily go back to the original pitch. It just WORKS!

5 - All effects have been improved. Every effect just WORKS now - and really well, I might add. Crystal clean Reverb, Tempo Synced Delay with Panning, Distortion, Chorus/Flanger and full LFO filter with Envelope follower, stereo widening and plenty of filters with sync to keep you tweaking for hours!

The effects have also been re-chained and are now in the following pattern:

Delay, Reverb, Chorus and Distortion run parallel and all go into the compressor, which then feeds into the filtering and out to a limiter before going to the main volume out. This allows SuperCore2 to sound INCREDIBLE and allow you to put as little or as much of each effect as you want.

6 - The Phrase Sequencer was a bit re-worked and now works FLAWLESSLY and EASILY. The Gater is FANTASTIC now and really sounds punchy - or not punchy - you decide.

7 - Still has the overall volume and full mixer section with individual panning and volumes, but they have been tweaked to work even better (and LOUDER)

8 - You can load soundfonts from ANY DRIVE. Presets will be in fxp format, so you can just load them in and GO.

Yes, there will be a core library of at LEAST 50 new sounds in 5 categories, most of which is COMPLETE.

Yes, there will be PRESETS - hopefully around 100 of them - we'll see how many I can get to.

Availability - before Christmas. Price - TBD.

Will there be a much reduced-price upgrade for existing purchasers of SuperCore - YES!

All current expansion sets (Monstrous, BRASSphemy, Vocalsphere, etc) all work with SuperCore V2 already (they all come in soundfont format), so if you own any of these, you already have a vast library of sounds to play with. If you don't own them, they are vastly affordable and sound great!


My second BIG set of news:

PRIZM, my flagship synth with 16GB library has been re-worked, re-looped and will soon be available in SECTIONS. Buy only those categories you want. I have purposefully made it immediately available in a format SuperCore Version 2 can load and my goodness does it sound INCREDIBLE in SuperCore V2.

I only have one or two sections left to loop and then it is DONE (and you all thought I wasn't working on it)!

Price - TBD. Formats - SF2 for now, but more will follow.


Monstrous V2 is really getting close to being completed and I have NOT stopped that to finish up SuperCore V2 and the PRIZM revamp. In fact, I work on each one in segments to try and get them all done close to each other.

My only real work will be the decision to work on fitting all controls to the new GUI or create a whole new Monstrous 2 to FIT the new GUI. Decisions . . . Decisions . . .


Ambience is also almost done - but still lots to do. The actual SYNTH is 100% complete and working and I have done TONS of audio recording with my 5.1 surround recording system. Now I have to edit and convert all that audio data to a format Ambience reads (wave files and soundfonts). It's a LOT of work, but it is getting completed.

What is Ambience, you say? It is a surround sound synth that will have a library of 'scenes' that lay as the backdrop and gaggles of other elements to fill up the scene. Pretty much foley in a synth - and in VSTi format!!! LIVE Surround panners allow you to pan each layer in 3D space and you can LEARN all of these, which allows you to use AUTOMATION in your DAWs and Sequencers. Imagine a FLOCK of birds travelling in the sky while busses and cars whiz on by all the while you are walking on crunchy leaves till you get to a fountain - all in 3D 5.1 surround sound!!!!

Get the picture?

Way more about this exciting product coming soon!


Last one for today - I have been working on a new product - currently called Keyz, but I will be renaming it to something else. More than likely, this will become the core library for SuperCore Version 2, but it will be available for purchase on its own.

50 samplesets in 5 categories (10 x 5) that you can use for your music - keys, organs, synths, plucked instruments, basses and more - all BRAND NEW sounds and meticulously created and recorded.

Audio demos will be coming soon.


That's it for now. I will talk more about each of these as they are finished and go up for Pre-Sale.


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