SEQ2 vs SEQG1 (Nitpicking)

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Post Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:28 am

After playing with the trial for some time, I managed to convince my wife that we really needed a new soft synth in our household. :D So now I'm a happy new Helix owner, and already making music with the wonderful included presets.

But I'm also interested in making new ones, and while playing around with all the controls, I noticed there are two sequencers, SEQ1 and SEQ2, but I can select only SEQ1 as a source in the modulation matrix. There was also no mention of SEQ2 in the documentation. Later I figured out that SEQ2 was actually called SEQG1 in the modulation matrix and in the Parameter box, but for a while I was really confused. :)

So I guess the (really small) nit I want to pick is this discrepancy in how the second sequencer is named and that it isn't mentioned in the PDF.

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