BUG: LFOG1/G2 Phase resetting with sustain pedal

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Post Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:26 am

Incorrect behaviour with LFOG1 abd LFOG2.

WIthout sustain, as long a note is still being held down, the LFO will not reset phase.

With sustain, once there are no more notes being physically held down (ie: all NoteOffs have been called and counted), while holding sustain down a phase reset triggers on the next NoteOn, thus affecting every audible note with for example, a filter linked to the global LFO.

example patch here: http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/junkpile/TBG% ... 0Redux.hxp

Though maybe this may be half the answer to true free-running global LFO's, just a thought. :D

Thanks in advance.

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