Vortechtral AM - Pi Mixes / Twisted Myth EP - INDEEP01 / 02

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Vortechtral AM - Pi - The Mixes - INDEEP02
Electronica / Tech house / Experimental / Ambient
Released: 10/05/2007

01) Pi (Original Mix) MP3 PREVIEW
02) Pi (Simon Heartfield Remix) MP3 PREVIEW
03) Pi (Vortechtral AM Industrial Mix) MP3 PREVIEW
04) Pi (DJ Aura's Dreamscape Remix) MP3 PREVIEW
05) Novation MP3 PREVIEW


Vortechtral AM & Benni Blanco - Twisted Myth EP - INDEEP01
Electronica / House / Experimental / Downtempo
Released: 05/09/2006

01) Jaxx My Soul MP3 PREVIEW
02) Solaris MP3 PREVIEW
03) Dawn Of A New Techno MP3 PREVIEW
04) Legends MP3 PREVIEW

For downloads, information, audio samples check the In Deep websites:
http://www.indeeprecordings.co.uk (http://www.indeeprecordings.co.uk)
http://www.myspace.com/vortechtralam (http://www.myspace.com/vortechtralam)

Available from:
http://www.trackitdown.net (http://www.trackitdown.net)
http://www.junodownload.com (http://www.junodownload.com)
http://www.itunes.com (http://www.itunes.com)
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http://www.napster.com (http://www.napster.com)
http://www.audiojelly.com (http://www.audiojelly.com)

In Deep Recordings was setup in 2006 to focus on releasing music from artists that push the boundaries of electronic music genres. The label offers original sounds fusing many influences, primarily from genres including ambient, electronica, jazz, house, breakbeat and acid.

In Deep's aim is simple - to release quality music across the spectrum. The releases on In Deep aim to be an eclectic and essential collection of down tempo and electronica musical works, with occasional diversions into elements of jazz and house. Inspired by eclectic artists including: Aphex Twin, The Chemical Brothers, Air, Kevin Yost, The Sabres Of Paradise, The Orb, Orbital, Plastikman, Brian Eno, Atjazz, Kraftwerk, and so many more. In Deep Recordings output sits at home comfortably on the shelves alongside these artists, whilst constantly maintaining interest in new and upcoming artists and musical styles...


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