October Contest: Voting

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D.H. Miltz
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Post Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:56 am

Vote for your Top 10 favorite compositions, in order (most-favorite = #1, proceed downward).

Voting ends on early a.m. (US Central Time), Thursday, November 1.

No voting for yourself. Voters must have had 20 prior posts, or at least have participated in the contest this month.

Once you place your vote, you cannot change it, unless permission has been granted by the moderator.

In the case of equal scores after voting, entries will be separated by how many 10 pts (i.e., how many #1 votes) they got, then 9 pts and so on. (Thanks to OSC for this rule.)

You must participate in voting to win prizes!

A useful link (but please note the caution at the bottom of the page) :

Thanks and good luck.
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Post Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:31 am

Ok, I am new to this contest and I hope I'll keep participating from now on:)

Here's my votes for this month:

#1 1210_mr_natural_seven_funky_ghouls_who_dance
#2 1210-nikp2000-demon_cat
#3 1210-donethur-zombieclowns
#4 1210_satYatunes_UntitledHorrorMovie-Scene13
#5 1210_DHMiltz_Impurities
#6 1210-kryptonaut-the-summoning
#7 1210_AdagioCm_Mr-Lecter-Finds-You-Delectable
#8 1210_evo2slo_A_Woman_Scorned
#9 1210_zombiequeen_ghost-in-a-petrol-station
#10 1210_docjon_malumexinferno



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Post Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:01 am

Time to vote.I would probably change my mind if I had a bit more time to listen to all these pieces.My judgement is based on the subject of the contest, not just on the quality of the music , so some submissions which I otherwise find quite palatable are left out of the top ten.
2-Doc Jon
3- Kryptonaut- I really like your sine wave & 1 note pieces in the gossip posts ( it makes me think of Perec, a french author who would write a whole novel with no letter e or another one with just e as a vowel.He is also responsible for a 1247 words palindrom).So why not a contest where the piece of music would be identical if listened to backwards? Nothing new, Bach (wards) did it.
7-Zombie Queen
9-Donethur-I love the piece but it does not scare me , I still had to put it in my top ten.

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Post Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:02 am

Very difficult, but...

1. aziraphal - they-come-from-the-mountain
2. D.H. Miltz - Impurities
3. nahkaorava - The House On The Hill
4. beanpole - Short Sharp Shock
5. RuediRena - Getting Closer
6. Doc Jon - Malum Ex Inferno
7. Kryptonaut - The Summoning
8. angelremington - dark banger
9. Patrick9 - Beast
10. evo2slo - A Woman Scorned

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Post Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:47 am

1. Jovexli - Cavern of Terror
2. Nahkaorova - The House on the Hill
3. Forw - The Hidden Room
4. Farlukar - Normat
5. Zombie Queen - Ghost in a Petrol Station
6. Clarago - My Baby Scares for Me
7. Shangsean - Don't Panic
8. Doc Jon - Malum Ex Inferno
9. AdagioCM - Mr. Lecter Finds You Delectable
10. Peppy197 - Beach Bitchin Horer
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Post Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:58 am

  1. Zombie Queen - Ghost in a petrol station (of a well known brand)
  2. peppy197 - Beach bitchin horer
  3. bzur - R'lyeh: Cthulhu awakes
  4. adagiocm - Mr. Lecter finds you delectable
  5. RuediRena - Getting closer
  6. D.H. Miltz - Impurities
  7. ClaRago - My baby scares for me
  8. donethur - Zombie clowns
  9. kfxkicks - The Commission
  10. nahkaorava - The house on the hill

Doc Jon
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Post Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:51 pm

I listened with the lights out and gave points to those which made me want turn them on again

10 points Aziraphal
9 points RuediRena
8 points Nahkaorava
7 points forw
6 point Vulcandj
5 points evo2slo
4 points rp314
3 points adagiocm
2 points bzur
1 point zombiequeen


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Post Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:18 pm


1 mr natural 7 ghouls
2 aziraphal mountain
3 dhmiltz impurities
4 forw hidden room
5 shrikant smoke
6 jerru dead salesmen
7 kryptonaut summoning
8 don jon malum
9 laguna asylum
10 vulcandj club zombie



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Zombie Queen
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Post Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:18 pm

01 rp314
02 kryptonaut
03 forw
04 evo2slo
05 laguna rising
06 doc john
07 dh miltz
08 jovexli
09 nahkaorava
10 patrick9

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Mister Natural
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Post Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:20 am

excellent entries again people ! My top 10 are all 3 star pieces - very difficult to rank :
1 Doc Jon
2 donethur
3 kryptonaut
4 kfxkicks
5 Miltz
6 forw
7 shangsean
8 nahkaorva
9 Aziraphal
10 SatyTunes

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Laguna Rising
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Post Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:11 pm

01 - Jerru - Dead Salesmen
02 - ZombieQueen - ghost in a petrol station
03 - DHMiltz - Impurities
04 - Aziraphal - They Come From The Mountain
05 - nikp2000 - demon cat
06 - docjon - malum ex inferno
07 - kryptonaut - The Summoning
08 - Vurt - the fades
09 - Farlukar - Normat
10 - bzur - Rlyeh Cthulhu Awakes

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Post Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:21 pm

Really hard to pick a top 10 this month - it was very close, apologies to those who didn't quite make it.

1. forw the hidden room
2. bzur Rlyeh Cthulhu Awakes
3. Farlukar Normat
4. nahkaorava The House On The Hill
5. docjon malumexinferno
6. AdagioCm Mr Lecter Finds You Delectable
7. peppy197 BeachBitchinHorer
8. zombiequeen ghost in a petrol station
9. Patrick9 Beast
10.shangsean don't panic

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Post Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:16 pm

1. shangsean
2. Zombie Queen
3. jovexli
4. vurt
5. Patrick9
6. Peppy197
7. Doc Jon
8. DH Miltz
9. ClaRago

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Post Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:09 pm

Listening and voting was a great pleasure. You guys made so many very enjoyable, scary tunes. So here follow the ten best and afterwards the rest in order of submission.

#1 satYatunes - Untitled Horror Movie - Scene 13: Oh my, I just listened in the dark - not good, not good at all. I am horrified. This one tells a consistent story. There would have been no need for you to write down your version in the submission thread. My mind did it all on its own. One of the best.

#2 Aziraphal - They Come From The Mountain: Great. Full of ideas, musicality, a roller coaster of emotions spanning from lovely to scary. Did I say it already? Great.

#3 Jerru - Dead Salesmen: Exuberant sample orgy, for me the climax is the sawing of the salesman, hilarious and very entertaining!

#4 donethur - Zombie Clowns: Very, very creepy in combination with the title and the picture to look at while listening, horror for sure.

#5 Doc Jon - Malum Ex Inferno: Mysterious atmosphere of suspense is created throughout, gave me goosebumps - a good sign.

#6 bzur - R'lyeh: Cthulhu awakes: It sublimely evokes feelings of horror. There are little musical rests on just the right spots and strange noises all over the place. The final cry made me shiver. Good.

#7 kryptonaut - The Summoning: Instant goosebumps on this too, I'm scared.

#8 adagiocm - Mr. Lecter Finds You Delectable: Nice pun on the title, charming piano madness, that final chord on the strings is a bit weak.

#9 Zombie Queen - Ghost in a Petrol Station (of a well known brand): This one transports that certain kind of scary inside-the-watertank feeling. Weeeeelll done.

#10 rp314 - Donatoni in the Valley of the Serialists Killers: Get rid of the bells, man. You don't need them. Kindergarten tricks. They work against the atmosphere of suspense you create so masterfully.


nikp2000 - Demon Cat: Nicely worked out surf sounds, not sure if it works in a horror context though.

Patrick9 - Beast: Some sinister background works, but the Glockenspiel thingy sounds a bit too sunny, then it feels like the final fight (?) is cut short by the three minute rule.

evo2slo - A Woman Scorned: Good groove, not sure if this would work as a horror soundtrack, quality cover picture as usual.

Peppy197 - Beach Bitchin Horer: Very strange atmosphere, love those deep reverbs and atonal stabs.

RuediRena - Getting Closer: Easily the most disturbing, scary submission, what else? :hihi:

Angelremington - Dark Banger: Rather dark dance track. Dark, but it is more working as a club track for me than as a soundtrack for a horror movie.

mr natural - Seven funky Ghouls who dance: Very good track, enjoyed listening - but no horror in there. Sorry.

KCXKICKS - The Comission: As horror soundtrack for the dub-step generation it is quite promising. There is a hint of horror, but the main chordal riff maybe needs a more chromatic movement to be really nerve shattering.

beanpole - Short Sharp Shock: An interesting chord progression with some nice dissonance, a driving and hard rocking second part. Once more enjoyed listening, but no horror on this one.

Laguna Rising - Asylum in the forest: Some very promising first seconds. Then regrettably a rock rhythm starts and gone is the thrill. When the rhythm stops, bingo, the thrill is back. The rhythm returns for a couple of measures and this time it kind of works. The rhythms stops again. A bit unmotivated to my ears. Nevertheless one of the better tracks.

D. H. Miltz - Impurities: Oh, it's musique concrète - or is it just a clever combination of sound effects? Whatever it is, it would work in a horror context. Good.

Sepheritoh & Offthewallarts - Will you forever sleep: Yes, lunatic vocals, rising fire and dark, dark dissonances. I see the demons rise to this sacrificial chant. Well done.

nahkaorava - The House On The Hill: Dark and brooding atmosphere from start to stop. It works.

vurt - The Fades: Nerve wrecking listening, but no real pictures of horror are connected with this for me.

Farlukar - Normat: At first it didn't speak to me, but then the windy effect and the nervously vibrating violins created pictures of a chilly, barren plain hiding something evil.

ClaRago - My baby scares for me: A somewhat randomly put together heap of almost every horror cliché sound effect, evil laughter, lonely church bells, pounding heartbeat drums and so on. I think less would have been more. Special prize for the most hilarious title.

shrikant - A Smoke Please: Charming outtake from a Spike Jones session waiting to be attached to some cheesy swing number. Definitely no horror.

sangsean - Don't Panic: Visions of a group of people exploring an abandoned factory in the dark with something evil lurking nearby. The drum grooves unfortunately kill this illusion.

jovexli - Cavern Of Terror: Slowly building atmosphere. I would have liked more of the strange piano playing.

forw - The Hidden Room: Hmm, maybe there are a bit too many musical ideas in this track. The climax with the driving orchestra and choir worked well. The ending sounds like being cut to the three minute limit.

Vulcandj - Club Zombie: No horror here. This would work well in the soundtrack of a thriller, but no horror.

key88 - Halloween Horror: This is key88, guys. A hell of a crazy sound twister. I am your fan, man. Another fine track, but you are so much in a category of your own, that I can't imagine this in a horror movie. Maybe in a thriller like Vulcandj's track.


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Post Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:58 am

Bricks were poop'd to the tune of:

01. docjon - malumexinferno
02. satYatunes - UntitledHorrorMovie-Scene13
03. sepheritoh and offthewall - WYFS
04. bzur - Rlyeh Cthulhu Awakes
05. Donethur - ZombieClowns
06. AdagioCm - Mr Lecter Finds You Delectable
07. Jerru - Dead Salesmen
08. forw - the hidden room
09. Vulcandj - Club Zombie
10. Peppy197 - BeachBitchinHorer

Cheers Matt
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