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Post Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:50 am

Please give me detailed or quick feedback about my new track called elaborate!

Link: ... iginal-mix

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Post Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:02 am

My Feedback

Music - 7.5
Instruments - 8.5
Performance - 8
Mix - 9

Overall - 8.25

Comments: The loudness wars are over. You can turn it down. Aside from that, musically kind of cliche'd but oh well, it's at least done well enough. Couldn't really get into it as I've heard this cookie cutter track a thousand times before. At least you mixed the arrangement up a bit to keep it slightly interesting. Aside from the volume, mix is good. Not bad. I've heard worse.

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Post Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:35 pm

Good beginning, grabbed my attention. Nice variety, good drop, although the drop could be a different energy level to make it really contrast with the build more.
Repetition is good, it gets us to a familiar place so we feel at home with the track, and you're hoping that the track stays exciting by inserting multiple builds and drops, but those builds and drops can't really mask the fact that its the same chord progression and melody over and over. I'd recommend you put a bridge or vibe change in there with some different chords, with even some vocals - something with a different vibe, something that begs to come back to the root note of your main chord progression.
Mixing was good, some nice touches...

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Post Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:51 pm

Kick is too loud imho. Its really killing the track. The synths need to come up in volume. Tempo could be faster too. Very cliched style, lacking any punch or clarity. Needs a lot of work.

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