vurt - pet sounds. (not really pets, zoo animals, farm animals and some wild birds)

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Post Sat May 22, 2021 4:47 pm

OK, I've had some liquid courage with dinner. I am going in for another listen!

A combination of abattoir, dial up modem, and fax machine. Your most industrial creation yet. My cat Emma is looking quite worried. It just gets more and more brutal. 12 minutes of this is all I can tolerate. Did anyone manage to listen to the whole thing? I surrender! :help:

vurt wrote:
Sat May 22, 2021 10:32 am
also, doesn't sound any louder when played back next to my other stuff, from the internet, i don't need to turn down the amp?
I think this is way louder than the other tracks of yours that I've heard. Although I haven't listened to your recent material.

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