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In which I answer common questions regarding preset storage.

Can I change which preset is loaded when I create a new plug-in instance?
Yes: right-click on any preset and choose "Set as Default".


Can I start with a blank preset whenever a plug-in is created?
Yes: the Factory banks all come with a blank slate called "initial" which can be selected as the default preset.

I've downloaded some third-party presets, where do I put them?
Depending on your operating system, you presets will be looked for in the following location:

Mac OS X

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~/Library/Application Support/Loomer/[Product]/Presets/ 

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My Documents/Loomer/[Product]/Presets/ or Documents/Loomer/[Product]/Presets/

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On Windows and Mac OS X, you can quickly open a preset folder by right-clicking and choosing "Show In Finder" or "Show In Explorer"


Should I save my presets in native .xml format, or use my host's .fxp, .aupresets, etc format?
You should always save in native .xml format using the built in preset browser. Using a file type proprietary to a single host or plug-in format can make it difficult if you ever decide to transition to another operating system or host.

Do you support bank files (such as .fxbs)?
You can no longer create bank files, but all products can still open any .fxb or bank .xml files you may have previously created - place them in the same location you would any other preset file. Note that banks become read-only: if you make any changes to a preset in a bank, you will need to save these changes to a single preset file.

The new preset browser offers vastly better ways of grouping presets than the fixed bank format. If you were a fan of banks, then folders, categories, or tagging are likely to better suit your preset filing system.
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...also, if you are looking for the "Library" on OSX 10.8 and up, you need to hold the alt/option key while you select the "GO" menu in Finder. It's hidden by default for some reason.

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