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nvm :oops:

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FXP format is still supported through the usual host mechanisms, but FXB export support had to be dropped when we implemented an internal preset browser. FXB format demands a fixed number of presets in a bank, which obviously doesn't mesh nicely with an internal file-based preset browser that could contain one, a hundred, or a thousand presets scattered about its preset folder structure.

As far as I know, no plug-ins with internal browsers also support FXB format (although I'd be happy to be corrected on this.) In theory however, I could create a batch xml to FXB converter*, although at this point in time I'd need some more people to pipe in with a "yes, I'd love such a tool" to be able to rationalize the day or two of research and development time it would take to code.

* Indeed, with Aspect XML preset format being completely human readable, I think an intrepid coder could perhaps knock this up themselves.
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