Just DL'd Architect for the first time - plugins don't scan

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Post Mon Mar 08, 2021 5:02 pm

Read about how great Architect was today, so I DL'd it and am very excited to get started (Ubuntu 18.04).

However, I just tried scanning my plugin directories in standalone mode, but it just sits there at 0 percent. I waited for 5 minutes and the bar never moved beyond 0. I can still click around the program so it's not frozen. However, it seems that even though the program does not appear frozen, that in order for me to close it I have to go into System Monitor and kill it. I've tried restarting the program and scanning plugins a few times, always does this.

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Post Mon Mar 08, 2021 11:49 pm

Hello Lava, sorry to hear you're having problems.

First thing: could you try the 0.10.6 build here ( https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tt8abs49ulr ... ZCYta?dl=0 ). This contains a much better behaved scanner, so I would be willing to bet it'll have fixed this issue.

And if it doesn't: let me know and I'll investigate further.
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Post Thu Mar 11, 2021 10:02 pm

That fixed it, thanks!

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