Fastening effect of portamento (CC5)

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Post Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:42 pm

I use a breath controller sending a defined value of CC5 (Portamento), not by breath, but by touching a so called glide plate. The transition between notes in many softsynths is by far too slow. Is there a possibility to change the value of CC5 with a midi-tool, so the transition (portamento-effect) is faster?
Page 46 of the breath-controller-manual shows the midi-implemention-charts: ... Manual.pdf

The touch of the glide plate sends CC5, values 0-99.
The stronger you touch, the faster the transition between the bended notes.

There is - for exemple - the piz midi cc stepper. It would be perfect, but it is not able to scale CC.
Is there a possibility to change this plugin, so it has this function?

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