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Post Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:10 pm

Adobe Audition use to have midi support but it was banned or canned.
It works good with Image-Line MiniHost (FX), but the piano roll in it don't follow the host stop/play position so I had to use Piz MidiLooper x64, it has a midi out so I just need the midiIn x64 (was getting a few crashes using JBridge).
If you are recording a band and there is a midi keyboard or midi drums you're stuffed.
This way I can have midi in Audition again.
Not sure why Audition starts on beat 2 when it sends the sync to the vst, so I have to put in a 1 beat track offset, this way MidiLooper EZDrummer EZKeys will be in sync to the bar numbers.

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