Problem: Midi Converter3 and Program Change

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Post Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:49 am

I want to use the midi converter to make a program change between 4 presets in an effect-plugin-tool (Turnado).
I have a foot pedal sending CC-message.
Now, I want to transform CC, so it initiate a Change between the presets (1-> 2->3->4->1...).
The Problem is...
If I use Midi Converter, there is the following reaction... (Only two of the 4 presets are used...).
1. pedal tap: preset 2
2. pedal tap: no change
3. pedal tap: no change
4. pedal tap: change to preset 1
1. pedal tap: see above

I think I do something wrong in the midi-converter settings. Perhaps you have an idea...
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