Got most of HG Fortune plugins working fine in Ableton 9 (64 bit) after jBridge conversion

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Post Sat Dec 07, 2019 6:37 am

:) Pleasantly surprised that there is such an active group trying to preserve the brilliant legacy of "HG Fortune" (Günter Hager). KVR has up2date links to various HG Fortune resources including the synths and machines presets, soundfonts etc. Most if not all of the HG Fortune plugins are now in the public domain meaning (in essence) that you don't have to pay for them, although the place where most of this material is archived ( will ask you for a donation.

For those of us who run 64bit DAWs that do not natively have 32/64 bit VST bridges there is a (low price) conversion tool called jBridge both for Win and Mac. I have used this tool to convert the HG Fortune plugins so I can use them in Ableton Live 9 (64bit) and I was delighted that after this conversion they, oh joy!, seem to work ok in Ableton. If you run a 32bit DAW then the "HG Fortune" plugins should work just fine and if you run a 64bit DAW that has some form of 32/64 bit VST bridge (like Sonar and Cubase) you also don't have to convert your "HG Fortune" plugins. Obviously none of the original plugins were perfect so occasional unresponsiveness of some plugins can still happen.

Now all this info is probably well known by 99% of KVR users but this post is just for that 1% who have not yet figured out how to get these visionary plugins to work in their 64bit DAW.

Others have complained that the plugin GUI's of "HG Fortune" plugins/machines are often too tiny to be really useful but this is easily remedied by using a multi monitor setup (my system has 4) and then setting up one monitor in a lower resolution and dragging the plugin's interface to that screen. I had to learn that quick after buying impOSCar2 (by GFORCE SOFTWARE) the other day and finding out that this fairly recent plugin still had a busy but smallish non-resizable screen.

I belong to a probably disproportionately :?: small group of HG Fortune plugin users who actually bought some of these plugins from Günter Hager himself. He always used this text in the emails that contained the download link:
Hello [xxxxx] via PayPal,

thank You for registering!

[plugin name]

[download link]

(after download please make a safe backup!)

have fun and best wishes
HG Fortune

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Re: Got most of HG Fortune plugins working fine in Ableton 9 (64 bit) after jBridge conversion

Post Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:00 pm

impOSCar2 has 3 gui sizes. Use the biggest one, it should be okay for HD screens.
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