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Post Sat May 30, 2015 2:54 am is really uncanny, isn't it? 365 days have already passed since the world lost Stephen Howell, leaving a huge gap in lives of many people, especially his daughter Alice and his wife Angela. And in mine, as well - I don't think I've yet came to terms with it... I must say I still have this little nagging feeling that he'll jump on Skype and start one of his usual rants about... well, whatever came to mind at the moment! I miss that dearly. I miss our brainstorming sessions, they have been so intense sometimes! I miss that whole process we had from the moment an idea sparked in his mind, and then together we totally made it happen. I just want to let everyone know - it's not easy filling in for Steve, taking the helm of HMS Hollow Sun. This is why there are no new products yet, unfortunately. I am not ready to release anything until I have something I feel is worthy Steve's name and legacy, and that is not easy to come by. But, rest assured, there are things in motion, and in due time, I think you will all be stoked as I'm sure Steve would be!

I would like to invite everyone to visit the Hollow Sun website and read a special little commemorative post marking the first year of Steve's passing.

Also, I would like to tell everyone here that there is a website update set in motion! Current website will remain active as a sort of "in memoriam" for Steve, since it's all his own admirable work. The new website will be the default one though (anyone will be able to switch between the new and the old one), and it will be a responsive design, which means you lot will be able to browse Hollow Sun on your tablets and smartphones, which I think is a very important thing in this day and age. Also, it is going to be easier to maintain and update the new website, since we're going to use a custom WordPress template. I intend to keep the spirit and general look-and-feel of the current website, with some navigational improvements, as well as speed optimizations and HTML5 compliance.

Lastly, there will be a commemorative sale on the whole Hollow Sun product range, starting tomorrow, May 31st, and ending inclusive of June 7th. Add products to your cart, use the coupon code THANKYOUSTEVE and you will get a nice 20% discount on the contents of your cart. Beware though, code can be used only ONCE per person, so make sure you add all the items you've intended before applying the code and checking out! Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

I believe this is all I want to say at this point. Please, don't be afraid to contact me if you want to talk about Hollow Sun. I'm not Steve (and really, nobody can top his ranting abilities!), but I'm no stranger to communication. Also, if you have a composition in which you used mainly Hollow Sun products, by all means, share it! I'm always eager to hear what people make with HS products.

Thank you all for your attention,

~Angela, Alice and my humble self

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