Dante Virtual Soundcard Live Audio Monitoring? How to?

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Hi everyone,

I have been going over my head to do one simple thing (it should be): to grab a Dante Virtual Soundcard (VSC) audio stream incoming from a dante network and listen to it in realtime (i can only capture it to disk and listen to it later). I know thats not the way that this software was designed, and I also now that there is a better software for that, the Dante Via. But I detail better above my current situation.

So with more detail I am going to explain what I intend.
I have Macbook with Dante Via so I can create a Dante Network. This computer sends audio to the network. My other computer is a Windows 10 machine and it has Dante Virtual Soundcard installed and it grabs that audio from the network.
Everything works great, the computer see each other in the network, and I can record audio from my Macbook in my Windows, in any DAW, with Dante Virtual Soundcard set to ASIO.
The thing is I would really like to monitor the audio input stream in my windows pc, but it is not possible, since I set the Dante Virtual Soundcard driver to ASIO it only works in the "virtual realm". It receives the data stream but I cant send it to any other physical output in my computer because the ASIO driver locks inputs and outputs only to the same ASIO driver.
So I have been trying Virtual Audio Cables, the software Voice Meter, and even JACK (I really dont understand a JACK about it) to try to internally route the input stream to a physical output like my windows soundcard! Dont tell me ASIO4All will work because it dont. Asio4All converts an WDM driver to ASIO, but Dante Virtual Soundcard is ASIO only. VSC has the possibility to start the device as a WDM driver option but i couldn´t get it to appear in my DAWs options...

I dont know how to explain any better, i am not a English Native speaker, but what i need is something very similar to an Aggregate Device in Mac OSX, but that can agregate an ASIO Device Input (even virtual like VSC) to another ASIO Device Output, in somewhat realtime.

So what can I do?
How can i route my signal to do that? Is it possible with JACK? Is there any walkthrough tutorial that can help me?
Anyone with this kind of experience?

Help would be much appreciated and if it works it eliminates the need of some really expensive hardware equipment, and i will be posting a tutorial on how to do it if someone points me in the right direction and i figure out the rest.

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Re: Dante Virtual Soundcard Live Audio Monitoring? How to?

Post Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:10 am

Monitor through the Mac...

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