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Post Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:43 am

awesome plug :) but having some issues that for the life of me can't figure out...

i followed some video and read the manual and this is what i can get to happen:
midi in:
the laboratory (my external arturia keyboard)


midi out:
iac driver 1
chnl: 1

ok... this works and i can hear the chords i see playing BUT if i select another instrument, like an esx24 sample, the chorder makes the esx24 play a chord as well.

if i use VST/AU Host as midi in - i get all kinds of shitty chord like sounds but nothing correct.

any ideas?

logic pro 9 latest version
mbp lion

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Post Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:50 am

tonespace midi input: wiring your keyboard from within tonespace should be OK.

I'm not so sure how midi input from Logic itself to tonespace behaves, but at least it should work theoretically. Maybe run tonespace first in pass-thru mode to examine what midi notes are arriving in tonespace with your setup. In this pass-thru mode tonespace will just play whatever midi arrives on its input without generating chords. You can do this by setting Trigger to 'Mouse click triggers cell' and then verify that the proper tonespace note cells light up green when midi notes arrive.

tonespace midi output: the IAC bus is the only game in town for sending tonespace midi output back to Logic. This is due to an unfortunate limit of the AU standard which doesn't allow sending midi from a plugin to the host.

so basically, using tonespace with Logic is always going to be a kludge

if this is an option to you, you can save yourself a lot of pain by switching to a VST host (like Ableton or Cubase) that allows sending midi output from a VST plugin back to the host. This will give you rock-solid timing and lots of flexibility in routing tonespace's output back to soft synths
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