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Post Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:40 pm

Hello mucoder!
I'm trying to integrate Tonespace 2 into my Usine Hollyhock setup - thumbs up, this is certainly the best chorder/force2scale plugin available. But I noticed a strange problem with version 2 - when loading workspace with tonespace 2 in signal chain, I have no sound (midi doesn't go through plugin) until I open Tonespace GUI. Since then, everything starts to work fine. When I close my project and then open it, no sound again until I manually open Tonespace. Very annoying, considering that I use several instances in parallel and have to open them all every time when I load my workspace.

And one more thing, - this plugin really needs a bypass function. I'd like to be able to switch it on and off during live performance, but, since Tonespace doesn't have bypass or even on/off button, I have to build special bypass midi route in Usine for this purpose, put Tonespace in dedicated subpatch to be able to turn it off, and send notes off message each time I turn it off to kill stuck notes :( .
Also, Tonespace for some reason doesn't let through CC messages, so I have to build another bypass route to deliver them from my controller to VST synth.

I hope you can do something about it, otherwise I love this plugin, really great idea)

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