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Post Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:34 am

AxBC wrote:
Mon Aug 31, 2020 1:07 pm
Is it possible to add a setting for a default Chord Rules that would be applied to a new composition?
I agree.

I think it makes perfect sense both to have new composition Settings defaults for the items mentioned, and also to have any saved Template file carry this info as saved.

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Post Tue Sep 01, 2020 2:58 pm

Hope everyone doing fine,
Lately i just found out that RC's converted phrases or just saved phrases does not contain cc values like Pitch, modulation or expression, just the note velocity. Not only that even when you drag as midi into the compositions RC omits those values, but it works in midi import section. As "lulukom" has mentioned in a previous post about this issue during drag and drop, but this issue occurs also in the all saved phrases that is created within RC with cc values.

Secondly pls consider this as a FUTURE REQUEST (this is just my imagination/idea just to make things easier)
A preview section which is not associated with the browser and entirely independent, might be a huge upgrade, and really really helpfull to all of us (i guess) like this one here
in the image u can see a line which i use for auditioning phrases and playing with it until i find something interesting, but the downside is, i have to scroll through or drag or move that line to my current part/line im working for ease.
By including this feature, it make these kind of workflow much easier with saved or collected phrases, like for e.g. copying the notes in a phrase to different tracks or selecting specific parts in a phrase and using it, rather than dropping a 64 or much bigger phrase into composition where u have something going on already and messing up with it. yeah i know there is phrase editor, but i find it only useful for working with phrases in a specific chord.
As i am not a trained musician i cannot elaborate on this much further, i ll leave it to the experts here on this forum.

p.s for any one wondering what scroll up and down is, its just scroll bar through my imagination of how RC4 with docked browser would look like.
Also ive shared some info on resources to share.
Cheers.. :tu:
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