Settings for certain moods or relations?

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Post Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:04 am

I'm a music theory novice. I'd like to use Rapid Composer to create short phrases with specific moods or relations to each other. However, I'm not sure how to accomplish this using the technical phrase settings. For example:

Tension (dissonant notes together?)
Peace (consanant notes together?)
Playfulness (consanant + many changes in octave?)

Question (end on rising pitch?)
Answer (end on falling pitch?)
Closure (end on same pitch as start?)

Perhaps someone more familiar with music theory or this software could advise me or recommend some readings?

Thank you,
D. Vyd

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Re: Settings for certain moods or relations?

Post Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:24 am

Hi d.vyd,

very interesting question, I'd like to know the answer too...
I think the mood primarily depends on the chord progression. Consonant and dissonant notes originate from the chords.
The melody generator has options for the beginning and ending note of the melody phrase.

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