Exporting midi fails when an articulation is used on the track.

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Post Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:12 pm

Hello, Atilla!
I am new to RapidComposer and this is my first post in the forum.

I started a few weeks ago to learn RapidComposer with the demo (full version). I compose sound tracks for my videos and have already some experience with Ableton and some VSTs (e.g. Garritan Personal Orchestra). RapidComposer is a very powerful program and I like its capabilities to configure main functions with text files.

It took me a few hours to develop an rcINST file for GPO5 (not all instruments covered yet) and a rcCTRL file for the GPO5 String articulations. In RapidComposer it worked like a charm.

Here is a short summary about the configuration and usage.

rcINST file (extract, GOS = Garritan Orchestral Strings):
#Garritan Strings
name="GOS-Violins"; kind="MIDI"; _program=-1; group="Strings"; category="Strings"; function=0; _lowestnote=<G3>; _highestnote=<C7>; _chord=0;
name="GOS-Violas"; kind="MIDI"; _program=-1; group="Strings"; category="Strings"; function=0; _lowestnote=<C3>; _highestnote=<C7>; _chord=0;
name="GOS-Cellos"; kind="MIDI"; _program=-1; group="Strings"; category="Strings"; function=0; _lowestnote=<C2>; _highestnote=<C6>; _chord=0;
name="GOS-Basses"; kind="MIDI"; _program=-1; group="Strings"; category="Strings"; function=0; _lowestnote=<B0>; _highestnote=<C4>; _chord=0;
name="GOS-Full Strings Filmscore"; kind="MIDI"; _program=-1; group="Strings"; category="Strings"; function=0; _lowestnote=<B0>; _highestnote=<D7>; _chord=0;

rcINST file (extract):
# Garritan Orchestra
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Sustains"; keyswitch="C2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="HeavyVib"; keyswitch="C#2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Grand Detache"; keyswitch="D2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Marcato"; keyswitch="D#2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Martele"; keyswitch="E2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Pizzicato"; keyswitch="F2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Portato"; keyswitch="F#2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Col Legno"; keyswitch="G2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Sautille"; keyswitch="G#2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Spiccato"; keyswitch="A2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Staccato thrills mutes"; keyswitch="A#2";
group="Garritan_Violins"; articulation="Sul Tasto"; keyswitch="B2";

The track configuration looks like this:

Yesterday I purchased the RapidComposer full version.

During export of the midi files with the above configuration I got severe problems:


When exporting with “Export midi file” the same problem occurs. So, I think it is not an Ableton problem.

When just removing the articulations as shown below, everything works as expected.

I have tried to use keyvelocity together with keyswitch=0, but it does not solve the problem. The keyswitch does not occur at all.

I searched in the forum but couldn’t find anything about this behavior. I tried to download v3.4b4 with the “magic” URL but I could not get it working.

Did I miss something in my configuration?

Best regards,
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Re: Exporting midi fails when an articulation is used on the track.

Post Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:08 am

Hello Meinolf,

First of all welcome again on this forum, and among the super-creative RapidComposer users! :)

Thank you for reporting this problem! There was a bug in v3.3: "note off" was not sent for key-switch notes. This caused the symptoms that you described (long MIDI files). This bug was fixed in the last beta version, v3.4b4. I wanted to double-check if everything works with key-switches before my reply.

I am preparing a bug-fix update in 2-3 days when all the reported annoyances are fixed. If you decide to use the beta version, I'll send you the download links in e-mail in a few minutes.

Feel free to post on this forum if something does not work as you expect, I will do my best to fix the defects as soon as possible.

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Re: Exporting midi fails when an articulation is used on the track.

Post Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:44 pm

Hello Attila,

thank you for the quick reply. I installed ..x64betav3 and now the midi export works fine. I tested to change the articulation on a later note and this works fine as well. I will now continue with the ..x64betav30.

Thanks again for your effort and your support.

Best regards,

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