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Post Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:08 pm


I am just getting started trying to import some Midi files into RC, with the intention of isolating some nice phrases to build up my phrase libraries.

One thing that is happening is that when I import the files, the detected key is sometimes wrong, and the chord selections are much more complex than I would expect.

An example is a midi files of Oh Susannah, a folk song that starts with a bar and a half of G, and then a half bar of D7. It is your basic 3 chord folk song.

RC analysis has that first G chord three chords: G G6 Gadd2

In the example above, all the chords have the same root, but in other more complex songs, they do not.

Many of the phrases for the bass and piano in these imported songs are created as spread out over multiple chords, some with different roots, so you can not easily treat them as phrases.

Phrases begin and end without relationship to where chords start and end, which makes everything very messy.

I did not expect this import to do anything perfectly, but....

Is there a way to tell RC to simplify its chord choices?...e.g. eliminate single bar chords, , don't use Add2 every time it sees a "2" note, and start and end phrases consistent with chords, so that phrases don't run over multiple chords with multiple different roots?

Anyone who has worked with Midi Import could please chime in...maybe I am just missing a setting or two.


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Re: Midi Import

Post Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:47 pm

Is this what you are looking for? His RC play list is really a gold mine of stuff..


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Re: Midi Import

Post Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:23 am

Hi Tiger,

it is very important that you have to select the MIDI tracks that you want to include in harmony analysis. Using all tracks including melody and solo tracks will result in too complicated chords. That is the purpose if the chords preview on MIDI import. You need to exclude tracks:


The resulting chords may not be 100% what you expect. The same group of notes has several chord names, the program is not smart enough to find the root note that you would find logical. However if you found a MIDI file which could be analysed better, I will happily check it and improve chord detection.

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Re: Midi Import

Post Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:21 am

Attila, thanks. I missed that completely! I assumed the default of everything checked would be best.

I will give that a try. And I appreciate your offer to look at files.

Just a suggestion....maybe all analyze checkmarks should be off by default for future, forcing you to choose? With a hover tip?


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