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Post Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:10 am

If there already is a thread for this let me now. But I thought it would be useful for a generic one that can be used for users that may not be sure if they can't achieve something is because of the software or user ignorance.

I'll start:

How do I do side step a rhythm pattern? I think he it is also called pattern scrolling.

How do I apply 1 rhythm phrase over multiple phrases?
Let me explain: I have a cool rhythm phrase that is 5 beats long. I have a chord phrase that is 3 beats and after that an arpeggio phrase for 2 beats. I did the glue of the phrases and apply the rhythm but it didn't seem to apply the rhythm correctly (that just may be me seeing it wrongly). Plus when I glue the phrases I lose the ability to alter them independently. But is the only way? Glue the phrases then apply the rhythm?

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Re: HOW DO I...?

Post Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:31 am

How do I distribute a phrase across multiple tracks? e.g. I have a a series of chord phrases in a piano track. I want to have the highest note (in whatever position the chord is dynamically) to be voiced by a nylon guitar in another track. Is there anyway to even hack this without much effort?

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Re: HOW DO I...?

Post Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:08 am

It is not possible to scroll a rhythm pattern at the moment. You can scroll phrase notes (Rotate Notes variation).

A single rhythm pattern cannot be applied to multiple phrases. This will be possible soon when rhythm tracks will be added.

It is quite easy to move certain notes of a phrase (or whole phrases) to other tracks. You need to enable "group track". Select "Note Editing" mode (shortcut: F2). Highlighting the small left-right arrow under the group track will make a direct connection between selected phrase notes and selected tracks. All you need to do is selecting a few notes, then clicking on the target track name.

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