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Post Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:42 am

Manual Melody Creation Tools.

By having one phrase (say it motive or whatever!), and generating a musically correct "REPLY" based on Theories of Composition would be awesome!

I have been using this piece of software years back (now its free) . I don't know if this workflow is available or could be implemented in RC in the future!
What i like is that it goes one step further from the phrase, with the creation of motives - the building block of phrases (motive is defined on the site as: a group of notes around one up-beat / the smallest meaningful melody element).

[Well, phrases are then themselves building block of periods (antecedent/consequent) or its converse i.e phrase groups - this functionality is less important than motive developments in RC here. This is just a NAMING convention issue - no problem here!!]

motives->phrases->periods/phrase groups.

With one motive input/generated, a variation is created NEXT to the motive (usually one measure) based on the 24 variations available in the toolset for melody creation.

Among others the following variations exist:
Sequence up/down. New Rhythm. Repeat. Extraction. Turn over. Slightly vary Rhythm/Pitch. Arpeggio. Inversion. Ascending/Descending line. Ascending/Descending Wave. Caesura. [see attachment for details of them all]

My question. Can these variations be added in RC (A special menu just for MANUAL melody creation would be awesome) Or do they exist already (maybe by combining a few existing variations - i don't know?

The ULTIMATE palette for 'manual melody creation' would be to include the techniques proposed by Jonathan E. Peters in his 2 books: "Music Composition Vol1&2. e.g a button to generated a "replied" phrase that add "Tension/Retrograde/Mirror&Transposed Inversion etc, effect to it.

Here is the full manual with musical theories behind melody creation ... tents.html
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Re: Motive Editor - Advanced Melody Composing Tools (Theoretically Correct Music Replies)

Post Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:28 am

I am happy you wrote about this topic. I was already thinking about a more advanced, and more interactive melody generator. While several variations are available for motive development, their usage is neither fast nor straightforward. So, a new interactive motive editor is among my short term plans. I added your input and screenshots to my to-do list item.
Thanks for your thoughts! :tu:
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Re: Motive Editor - Advanced Melody Composing Tools (Theoretically Correct Music Replies)

Post Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:40 am

Take your time! This was a suggestion for future use! You are already great responding so swift! i am a software developer too, i know how touch it is when you find all request as important and urgent (at least from the point of view of users)!!!

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