tutorial for using RC in logic Pro X as VST

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Post Fri Jun 19, 2020 8:54 am

Patchworks should be transmitting the transport message that is not the problem. Otherwise RC would not even play to begin with. It patchworks assumes it does not need to send ALL NOTES OFF to all instruments it is hosting when you hit STOP. And nor is RC.

Logicpro does send out and all notes off message when you hit stop but that isn’t making it into Patchworks. So check your midi routing to make sure midi from logicpro in all channels is getting through to both RC and all the instruments you are hosting inside patchworks.

But note that Logic Pro may not send all notes off if it doesn’t even know about notes that were generated by RC. RC is really the thing that needs to be cleaning up the hanging notes when it gets stopped IMHO.
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