RapidComposer v3.8 released! (September 9, 2019)

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RapidComposer v3.8 is available!

The new update features tools for EDM rhythm and phrase generation, variations that create new phrases from existing phrases, redesigned master track with chord coloring and preview, as well as low-level UI changes and bug fixes.

  • New phrase generator: 'Modern Chord Pattern Generator' for making chord patterns used in modern styles (house, trance, dubstep, trip-hop, DnB, etc)
  • New rhythm generator: 'Modern Rhythm' for making rhythm patterns used in modern styles
  • New phrase generator: 'Rhythm Mapper'. You can convert any imported MIDI phrases to 'Rhythm Mapper' which lets you use another rhythm with the phrase
  • New variation: 'Slice Phrase': slicing phrases randomly to get a new phrase with many options
  • New variation: 'Re-rhythmize Phrase': make rhythmic variations of the same phrase
  • Redesigned master track with chord coloring and preview
  • More intuitive way of handling master track clicks: quick suggestions and other helpers are displayed on demand
  • For multiple chord selection 'edit' and 'dice' icons appear at the top which lets you edit or regenerate the chords
  • New option when dropping a phrase/rhythm on another phrase: 'Convert To Rhythm Mapper And Apply Rhythm'
  • New option in the rhythm generator menu: 'Set Up New Rhythm To Match The Note Count': the program automatically finds rhythm generator settings that create the same number of notes as in the currently edited phrase.
  • Chord color schemes can be edited
  • User interface engine reworked internally. Rendering on macOS is several times faster.
  • Bug fixes
You can download the update by clicking on "Check For Updates" under the Support tab, or using the download URLs sent to you in e-mail.
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