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Post Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:00 am

I'm demoing v4 and trying to find what is new in guitar chords.

On the features page on the main website:
Extensive scale, chord, guitar chord, chord progression databases.

I can't find anything clicking around can somebody point me where to ? tx.
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Post Sun Mar 07, 2021 3:54 am

Deleted: Attila has answered as below :)
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Post Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:56 am

Guitar chords can be used with chord voicing. The chord voicing can be edited, and there is a special voicing called "Acoustic Guitar". This means the chords on the master track are looked up in the built-in guitar chord database:


You can set the voicing for a whole track, or a single phrase, and let's not forget the voicing editor on the master track.

There are lots of guitar chords included, however they are not editable yet.

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