Desperately searching for LIVID INSTRUMENTS Brain Configure software.

...and how to do so...
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Post Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:37 am

I very urgently need the LIVID brain configure software for LIVID brain Jr. PLEASE HELP

I was scratching through a box the other day and found a Livid brain Jr I was messing with a few years back. I want to build and EQ controller and now when I go to the LIVID site to download the configure software I get a 404 page. And all external links seem to point to the same 404 page. I know LIVID is dead, but they could at least provide legacy downloads, even if hosted on a free service.

I would seriously appreciate it, if someone who owns one would dig around and see if they can send me the exe somehow.

Thanks .......... fingers crossed.

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