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aciddose wrote:i cant believe you would spend $40 on a panel like that. :?
Further evidence that you don't get circuit bending. It's okay not to, lots of folk don't get the popularity of the Trailer Park Boys. It happens. Not sure why there's so much to argue about.

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vurt wrote:the similar models you sent to mark where nice, how much does one of those go for? and can you remember postage costs?
I don't really bend for money, so it depends on the pedal. We can take it up in a PM if you're interested in one.
the stuff you do with pedals is way beyond my meager fumblings, any suggestions on a decent pedal to get to grips with.
I'm a big fan of the Arion pedals, because they are inexpensive and produce great results. Unfortunately no one carries them any more and I fear that they've been discontinued. The Arion phaser is rife with fun, and I've bent dozens of them without ever frying one. The Boss BF-2 flanger is also an excellent item, if you can find a cheap one.
are the new behringer ones worth looking at for bending? theyre cheap enough just not sure whats inside em...
I had some luck with the one that I bent, but they're mostly SMT on the inside and that doesn't lend itself to easy bending. SIGHUP also bent a Behringer and had some luck with it. They're also a pain in the arse to mount onto an enclosure, due to the design of the pedal.
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Post Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:43 am

I suggested DOD's (on prev. page). Pcb traces are tiny, but otherwise they do survive, for some reason their pcb's seem solderpump-friendly. For non-guitar use, I suggest changing the input cap values to 0,1uF-0,33uF and output caps to 10uF or so.

That said, I just un-modded the audio-path of my boss CE-2 chorus to stock. Some things are best left as-is.

Are there any "secret-location" schematics of behringer pedals available on the net? I couldn't find any. They are dangerously cheap, though. I was told that the bass limiter is a goodie.

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Post Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:46 am

@whyte: All this reminds me to ask whether you ever got those 709s I sent you. Declared value $1 (unrealistically high but if you can use them that constitutes value).

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Post Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:48 am

cheers for the info.
ill hit you up about doing something for me, i know all about the your supposed to do your own attitude, but i likr the idea of a few additional boutique style toys in the mix. plus (see my night and day thread) id like a decent collection of pieces from various sources.
the fact that mark had to threaten to cut my fingers off if i didnt let him play is by the by ;)

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Post Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:51 am

thanks to mausoleum too 8)

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Post Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:05 pm

vurt wrote:i know all about the your supposed to do your own attitude
It's not for everybody. Some people just don't have the time (mine's been dwindling lately), others don't have the desire (you seem to have that, though). And I've had some other benders buy stuff from me just to see how it's done.

I tend to sell my stuff just to get rid of it and let others have their fun with it. But I'm certainly not above working the occasional commissioned piece. Just shoot me a PM when you're ready.

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i wasn't talking about appearance.. the panel doesnt have the minimum 1.5" comfort between widget centers. bend your thumb and index finger together comfortably and measure the depth you can reach with that shape. it turns out for the average person that is 1" height = 1.5" width. after that point it gets way too wide. so, the general rule is that widgets must not have more than 1" variation in height and must be centered 1.5" apart.

i would've used a dip switch in that case though, or at least through-hole miniature slides. those toggles cost you big time and there doesnt look to be enough room to use them comfortably.

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Post Fri Apr 04, 2008 2:18 am

some of the sounds circuit benders can get outta
cheap antiquated toys is unreal

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Post Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:54 pm

anybody bend anything lately?


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_oswald wrote:While I'll knee-deep in the planning and design stages of my next 'bend, I'm also cruising the Information Superhighway for a Variable Resistance Wheel and coming up skint no matter where I look.

Has anyone located one on the 'Net or have a suggestion where to look 'in-real-life'? I've tried a few electronic surplus stores as well as major hardware stores and they've all scratched their heads, grunted and belched a negative response.
Forgive if answered-very long thread- HO train set transformer? Perhaps it's called something else; varistor or variac...

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Post Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:51 pm

tconrardy wrote:anybody bend anything lately?
Eh. I'm messing around with some voice changers and delay boxes. In the future I'd love to have this set of ten delay units in a box and with all kinds of shit.

No promises, I'm kind of putting more of my time into making an electric powered scooter ATM.
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Having some considerable experience ( more so than knowledge it has to be said :) ) in electronics, I have a great interest in building and bending .... I have tried applying this to synthedit projects .... Try out 'bucketjob' from the link in my signature ( 'vst synths' folder when you get there!).... if anyone wants to bend it further, I can post the modj

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Post Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:14 pm


very nice topic indeed. Lots of great links, ideas, etc.! Great & keep on bending

Sincerely, Slug (37,2°C)

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Post Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:45 pm

Neat toy, 'inspired' by from something I noticed on sale at Squarewave Parade last week. :

start off the same way as one standard plastidipped piezo stylee contact mic, but instead of soldering the mic to a jackplug, solder it up to a jack socket.

take a small cast aluminium box (the one I used is about 2"x1"x1", but you can happily go bigger) and drill a hole in the side for the socket.

seal the contact side of the jack socket up in heatshrink, or electricians tape or whatever, and fit the socket into the hole in the box.

hot-glue the piezo element to the inside of the case, and protect the socket assembly further if need be.

add about 10-20 small screws, bit of metal, washers, gravel, whatever into the box. screw the box shut.

voila : almost-instant 'heavy metal' shaker / rumbler / prepared contact mic thingy.

total cost : about £1.20
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