Midi channels don't send NoteOff with velocity Zero when asked to

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Post Sat Apr 25, 2020 8:07 am

Programming my first LV2 plugin using the DISTROH framework. I hit a brick wall when trying to interface to the illuminated buttons on my Akai APCkey25 keyboard.
The lamps can be turned on and show red/yellow/green flashing states by sending a noteOn message with 1-6 as the velocity.
Once switched on I can change the lamp colour, but I can never turn the lamp off as that requires a NoteOn message with a velocity of 0, and the internal logic somewhere turns that into a noteOff message, which the keyboard just ignores.

I know there are thoughts that NoteOff and NoteOn with zero velocity are the same.
But my keyboard requires a noteOn with zero velocity to turn the light off!
I think the DISTRHO framework should send what I tell it and not convert it into something else!

Any help would be appreciated - I'm new to this so maybe just don't understand something obvious.

Thanks for any help.

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