Why customer support is so bad at "best Service"

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Post Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:44 am

PDF info to install.


Kontakt Player Kontakt Full Version
Ideally you would place your Open Kontakt Library on a dedicated hard drive. If your computer however only has one drive, we recommend placing the library here:
MAC: Users/Shared WIN: Users\Public

If you have purchased a box, this contains DVDs or a comparable data carrier (USB stick, hard disk) on which the data for your product is located.

If you have purchased a download, all available data will be in your Best Service customer account. RAR or ZIP files must be unpacked before use. To do this, first copy them all to your hard drive (either from your purchased data carrier or as a download from your customer account) and then unpack them.


In the rest info how to see the instrument on Kontakt Player and Full.

My logic says I have a link in my account with the instrument, zip/rar, I will download and that it. No serial need it, no download manager need it but In my account was only what you see on the screen snip.
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Re: Why customer support is so bad at "best Service"

Post Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:46 am

OK, reading your post above, it seems like they want to send you a serial. Do you want to wait for that then?

Really, Best Service are no scammers, and won't leave you on the dry. ;) Simply seems like they did a mistake there, and need to fix it now.

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Re: Why customer support is so bad at "best Service"

Post Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:57 am

Yes, I will wait for the serial or what they will send. I don t care cos the instrument its not important. From tomorrow I have to compose music, not to scream on the internet. I already said it's not my first instrument from this company, that why I was happy to buy from them and not to go directly to the creator.
From now, like I said, I will go directly to the company who create it and skip the middleman who dont give a S... about attitude and respect.

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