Tutorial for The Orchestra and Kontakt 6?

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Post Thu Sep 03, 2020 2:28 pm

I am a newbie to both Kontakt (full version 6) and The Orchestra. First impressions are quite high on The Orchestra, though integration with DAW and Kontakt are awkward. I'm using Samplitude Pro X5 as my host. And Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 as my midi keyboard (if that matters -- running in Kontakt, not in KK). Wondering if anyone has put together a tutorial on how to get going effectively?

For Context, In my case, I have my Kontakt outputs set up as:
1 Violins, Violas, Cells, Basses, The ORCHESTRA, Low Brass, French Horns, Oboe (8 stereo, 16 channels, plus 4 Aux) for intended Default usage. See attached.
Kontakt-TheOrch setup (2).png
My challenges have included:
- In The Orchestra.nki, the Kontakt Piano keyboard is only showing the range of the first output (i.e. assigned to 1 Violin, all Articulations) - Output 1-2, MIDI Channel 1. It doesn't matter which instrument I'm playing -- whether solo or from THE ORCHESTRA, this never changes. So, on the videos, the keys marked in blue or green adjust per instrument being played/recorded. I'm not getting that. Furthermore, when I change the octave (i.e. String Basses -1 oct, and Low Brass -2 octs -- like on the video), my sound cuts out and simply doesn't play the bottom octave/octaves. I assume these are related, as somehow the keyboard visual isn't tracking with the sound changes.

- Even though I've set Kontakt to make a default of my 16-channel setup (above) it insists on creating dozens more tracks each time I load it. (Does it add 64 new tracks every time?). How to overcome this annoyance?

- In my host (Samplitude Pro X5), I don't have the control I'm expecting. The channels are all forcibly grouped. i.e. No ability to Solo/Mute individual channels within my DAW host (from T.O. - maybe this is normal). I also cannot simply SOLO or MUTE T.O. from my DAW. Soloing doesn't pass any audio.
I am able to Solo/Mute within Kontakt and adjust volumes, etc.

- This group control by Kontakt of all the channels of The Orchestra, means I cannot record any individual instrument (i.e. the channels I've set up 1/2-7/8, and 11/12-16 for single instruments) via MIDI. If I assign the Kontakt channel in Samplitude to MIDI Output ALL, only channel 1 (violins) plays. If I assign the Kontakt channel to MIDI out 3 for example, I can play and hear Cello. But not Record it to MIDI. Ironically, as an Audio Channel, it WILL record directly to Audio.

- Volume anomaly. When I first assign an instrument to output - i.e. Cello via Kontakt MIDI output 3, it comes out CRAZY LOUD! -- i.e. 0dBFS. Then, when I play to record -- the only change being record arming the cello channel, the level drops to -40dBFS! Then it will remain there for awhile. And the next channel I assign will come out at 0dB - screaming. And then drop 40dB after record arming. On and on...

- There is Latency, so rhythmic arpeggiators are a little delayed, and seemingly a bit out of sync with themselves. I am accustomed to latency being auto-compensated between the DAW and the plugin. Do I need to do something manually to overcome latency in T.O.?

Thanks, if I can get these things solved, I'm a good candidate for Upgrading!
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