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Any problems with the site? How can we improve KVR?
Lord Snarebottom
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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 4:40 pm

Nothing to see...move along. :lol:

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Ben [KVR]
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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 4:43 pm

Kriminal, maybe as a long standing member you could try to set a good example to the new kids on the block rather than persecuting them for another thread or disagreement you've had with them. I know we get some idiots joining, and many of them ultimately get banned when they've shown they really aren't going to fit in, but dealing with them as you do doesn't help KVR IMO.

I've noticed that you, and certain other long standing regulars, seem to think its OK to chase and harry newer members because of a post or comment they once made. Even if they are legitimately an idiot and have made a faux pas such as posting about warez, or pics of some inappropriate pics as you pointed out alpha labs did, and may even be worthy of some kind of persecution, the way you do so is not helpful.

I don't read every thread and every post at KVR, none of the mods do, none of the mods can. If there are threads that need investigating for whatever reason PM one of us and we'll have a look. What we don't need is people wading in with insults and perpetuating an argument, and we certainly don't need that argument to spill out into other threads.

Incidentally, you may be surprised by the number of emails and PMs I get from people asking me to ban other members, often both sides of the argument ask for the other to be banned. It's like I'm some kind of playground mediator; these are sometimes quite high profile members too and they often think that this is the most important thing in the world and must be dealt with ASAP. I have banned a lot of people, and warned many more, some several times. If people can't get on in an Internet forum without acting like kids in a playground why should I give them the time? I'm a lot more inclined to simply delete argumentfest threads and just ban people than I used to be, I used to hate the idea of any kind of deletion, and banning was once a very rare occurrence, but with such a large membership it is a sad inevitability. Sometimes I simply clear out the argument posts from a thread so it can continue in good nature, but this depends on how early I catch it - nothing burns faster than a good argument.

I've been ground down and I've become quite bitter and weary about many things and that makes me sad. It's tiring.

KVR will never be as nice as it once was but it's the regulars that make it what it is. If the regulars can't keep a level head and post politely and respectfully we have no hope.

Some days I'm reading the latest posts and I just want to turn it off, but I can't.

Don't get me wrong, there are many great members and some extremely funny ones, and also many seemingly angry and bitter ones. I miss Reg, I only wish he could have learned to behave better - when he wasn't being offensive for the sake of it he made some great music and posted some funny stuff.

Anyway, enough from me, I must go to bed. I know this post was melodramatic, but it just reflects my current mood :( There are bigger problems than some silly arguments on a Internet forum but this is what I have to wake up to. Looking forward to it :|

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 4:54 pm

Thanks for this great post, Ben! :hail: :hail: :hail:

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 4:58 pm

Indeed - well said.

I've joined Lurkers Anonymous.

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 5:03 pm

jmh wrote:there's life outside the forum to be explored, as scary as it might be
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o
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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 5:51 pm


You know we love ya Ben!!!

Just dont turn it off...

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 6:06 pm

we arnt kiddies!

and anyway,

"he started it!"



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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 6:26 pm

AT&T Audrey says...

Or should it be like...
Reiner said...?

Rosa, Figlia de Simp said...

Juliette said...
(translation: KVR: supporting open standards!)

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 6:43 pm

cptgone wrote: supporting open standards!)
:hihi: ;)

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 6:49 pm

those who are quickest to dish it out can rerely take it themselves.
resistors are futile.
you will be simulated.

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 7:22 pm

Thanks for that post Ben.

I too miss Reg. Some of his mayhem was fun and I really liked his music. Luckily I still have quite a few of his tunes on hard drive so I can relive some of the better moments.

After I took a year off from music, it was actually a difficult transition coming back to KvR. The environment had changed quite a bit. It was much bigger for a start.

It's a lot more difficult to play nice and I don't see as many of the hilarious threads that used to have me laughing till it hurt. Much more anger and vitriol in the threads.

But I found that I can still connect with the people that made this an enjoyable place to be. They're out there and they're still posting.

Krim - ignore the fluff - it can't exist for long without attention. I found my blood pressure benefitted enormously when I pretended they weren't there.

Happiness is the hidden behind the obvious.

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2005 7:28 pm

I think a lot of you guys are mistaking anger and vitriol for plain arrogance and disrespect. A lot of people on here probably are cool as hell in real life, but get them behind a keyboard, and they just don't think.

I've been guilty of that a few times. Typing shit just to piss someone off. It's never a good thing, doesn't do anything good for anyone at all.
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Post Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:49 am

Great post Ben - take a holiday for a few weeks perhaps: might take the load of a bit. :shrug:

KVR is the only internet forum I've ever been part of (and it may be the only ever). Not sure what the appeal is (other than all-about-VSTs and music in general), but it certainly has something special and unique about it. Part of it is certainly the characters that hang out here: despite being just words on a page, the posts are still quite an insight into someone's personality. I've laughed and been fascinated at WAY more posts than I've been angry at. It would be a real shame if any of the KVR 'big guns' bowed out for whatever reason, particualrly if it was over something as purile as a slanging match with some loudmouth (who, I'm quite sure, would never have the backbone to be as opinionated in the real world as they like to appear in the virtual world). As a comparitive newbie, I have a great deal of respect for the KVR 'big guns' - do your best to rise above the crap that some people spew out to keep this place in good shape. You're the village elders!

An internet forum is a community after all and, like any real-world community, it has rules and regulations. Its not just the rules and regs that Ben enforces (a thankless task - so here's a big thankyou! :hail: ), but a great number of unwritten rules that most of us abide by - simple rules that mature people (I'm talking emotionally mature) understand but an increasing number of newcomers to KVR (and maybe some old-timers too :wink:) just don't get. But, sure as the sun comes up each day, the people who don't want to fit in will drift away. They will be pushed out, banned, get bored or ignored until they do. They'll go to another forum somewhere or just back to their sad little bedrooms and learn a lesson - it may take them a while, but they will.

I know its hard to ignore the painful ones sometimes - I count myself as a very calm and rational person and even I get hot under the collar at some of the blatant ignorance that can get bandied around here. I can think of at least 3 or 4 names that appear to be genuinely unpleasant human-beings, but I won't dignify them with a mention here. They don't deserve a response from me, or anyone else. Its really difficult to ignore the ignorant, but its the only way to deal with them.

So, the next time "******* *******", "***** ****", or "***** ********" get on their pointless high-horses about something (yes, they probably DO have small dicks!), just smile and look the other way because humour is the natural enemy of the troll :wink:

Don't forget why we are all here: my signature gives a clue. The full quote is:
Music is native to the human mind. There is not a culture on Earth that does not have it, and our brains are wired to apprehend and be moved by its magic

Dwell on that for a moment: each and every human-being in the world has an inbuilt capacity to enjoy music. Lets all do our bit at KVR and give em' something to listen to! :wink:
"Music is native to the human mind. There is not a culture on Earth that does not have it, and our brains are wired to apprehend and be moved by its magic." - National Geographic, March 2005

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Post Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:55 am

Turn it off! Do it! I would get so much more done...

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Post Mon Nov 07, 2005 3:13 am

jmh wrote:....there's life outside the forum....

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