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Any problems with the site? How can we improve KVR?
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Post Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:41 pm

Specifically the More copy protection topic in the DSP section. A pity, it was packed full of info...

It does show up in my Latest list, but not in the subforum list.
Is it gone forever, or just taken down temporarily for sanitation?
There were indeed some posts that need to be removed from it...
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Post Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:37 am

I was also wondering about this

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Post Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:08 am

during the day today it's possible I will go through the thread and hopefully delete the mess that happened in that thread too. You may not notice but there has been a few threads that have been about cp that have turned into pros/cons of pirating and some that had to be removed because of links being posted. In case it isn't abundantly clear, we do not permit that in any (not at you bert), way shape or form but the issue really kicks up in cp threads, I suspect because a door has been opened so to speak.

Saturday night I finally locked the NI thread because of CP, I made it clear not to start another so what did someone do...go find an old thread to start up trouble in that was called more copy protection. Yesterday I was out (it was my lady friends b-day), I was on my phone getting reports on that thread, I did a soft delete (I can still see it) so I can address it later.

Now put yourself in my shoes just for a minute...first let me explain that on my laptop as long as I am home I have an autofresh running on KvR so I can see notifications quicker (once a minute), I have the notifications on my phone set for when I get an email sending me KvR notifications when I am out and I even get them when I am sleeping (I get between 50 and 100 said emails on many days). The only time I dont get any notifications is the hours I am at work because we are not allowed to have cell phones anywhere near the units I work on (residence/school for children with spectrum disorders).

So I keep asking people to stop, I make it clear to stop, I tell people there will be consequences if it continues. (often I am doing this in a parking lot, at a restaurant, out with Holly) They still continue, I send a board warning to which (and yes this is the most common excuse), "I didn't see it so I didn't read it or I wouldn't have made the post" (the post that should be absolutely obvious from all the warnings in these threads, the reactions of members that they need to stop)...yet I am wrong because members dont read what I posted.

What am I to do? Banning is not an option, it's just a last resort and it really isn't good for KvR (ftr I loathe suspending as well). I ask, I get mad, I try everything but there are some people here who thinks it's a game to keep it up. It creates a lot more work for me and takes away from me being able to address other issues that I miss due to spending too much time on one or two threads alone.

In case people do not know, I do this because I think this site is amazing and I truly wish back in the day when I was so full of questions I had such resources available to me. I have no other interest in this, this is not my job, we are not employees, but I do give more hours to KvR than I would if I worked at my job fulltime.

I'm one of you guys (or was), the only thing I get from this is satisfaction of helping to keep the flow of information alive so others may enjoy the gift I have enjoyed for decades as well. Unfortunately what I get is mostly shit from people and a hard time, when I ask to get on topic, perhaps stop talking about things we dont allow, stop the senseless bashing of each other, the list goes on.

What every mod does here is an act of respect for this community, the time spent is a great example of our commitment to that respect...yet we rarely get any in return and when it's about something that could sink this ship I am going do whatever it takes to prevent that.

IMO these people who keep this up are even more disrespectful to the many, many members who are always respectful and that is just as heavy on my mind as anything else because that majority deserves better.

I am locking this thread though because we do ask (well actually it's in the rules) we dont start such threads. (that's not an admonishment, I know you were just asking because of the topic doesn't exist which seemed odd)

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