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Post Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:14 pm

TwoToneshuzz wrote:I've been putting all else on hold. DNA for Molekular is that intrigueing..

I set up my discreet drum sequencers so I now am using 60 sequencers all patched together to create my own semi random drummer, this is being fed into a 16 pad Ethnic inspired Numerology Pro 4 drumset, I use a dedicated instance of Molekular for the Bass drum, and two instances of Molekular for the rest of the kit, though this setup will likely get tweaked with farming out the different sounds out by frequency range so I use three or for Molekular instances for the kit. Additionally I'm using one Spectral Excursions sound into a Molekular for some crazy animalistic cohesion..

It all sounds a little mechanical in a campy sort of way. But It's an early version, later I'll tweak the swing to get a natural feel going...

http://soundcloud.com/twotoneshuzz/good ... er/s-IzKK1
This is great, I like it!

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