Voice Of Rapture: The Bass (male operatic solo vocals)

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Voice Of Rapture: The Bass


Voice of Rapture: The Bass is a solo operatic bass vocal library that captures the booming, rich powerful voice of Joseph Trumbo, with a wide variety of playable chromatic articulations and melodic elements. From a bombastic fortissimo to a gentle pianissimo, The Bass provides creative freedom and flexibility. Recorded in a dry studio environment with 2 microphone choices, this virtual solo vocal instrument brings together superior programming, brilliant performances and unrivaled quality. This 7.8 GB library has 42 instrument presets and over 10,000 samples. It's on sale now for only $89 (normal price $119, sale ends after February 1st). http://soundiron.com/products/voice-of-rapture-the-bass

The Bass, The Tenor and The Soprano are all on sale during this intro period for only $89 each.

There are 3 True Legato types, with 'Ah', 'Oh' and 'Oo' vowels, as well as standard Ah, Ee, Eh, Mm, Oh and Oo pure vowel sustains in piano and forte dynamics. You’ll also find 29 staccato syllables and words with precision attack shaping and syllable switching. There are 12 sustaining chromatic Latin chants, each with synchronized legato and tempo-synching. The Phrase section includes 1466 melodic elements at fast and slow core tempos, with real-time tempo-synching and time-stretching. You'll have your choice of a full range of root keys, with easy transposition control, in 5 main categories: vowel-only, Latin, French, Whistling and Humming. And of course there are plenty of effects, ambiences and other bonus content.


MP3 Demos
https://soundcloud.com/soundiron/sets/v ... e-the-bass

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