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We aim to provide high quality software, and responsive support in the event of any problems. To help us achieve this, please read the following information.
  • We test our software within the limits of our resources, however compatibility issues due to the complex mix of host applications and operating system updates can arise, so if you encounter a problem with a demo or purchased software, please let us know so that we can resolve the problem and improve the product.
  • If you have problems downloading or installing purchased activation codes, please let us know, providing your invoice / purchase ID. We can normally solve any problems promptly and we also provide detailed installation instructions with the download.
  • Please ensure you keep backups of purchased products and activation codes. Activation code download links are time and use limited for security purposes. We can normally re-activate links if requested, however we cannot guarantee to replace lost products or activation key files. Please treat purchased software with the same care as genuine hardware.
  • Please contact us at the support email address: support@overtonedsp.co.uk or via the forum. We will normally respond promptly (Between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 GMT).
  • Please remember that we aim to provide high quality support. A polite description of the problem with relevant information will help us achieve that. Angry, abusive, or misinformed comments on this or other forums are less likely to help us resolve the situation.
  • Please ensure you have obtained your software from the OverTone DSP site. We are not responsible for software provided from other sources.
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