Acoustica Premium 7.1.16 - toolbar / suggestion

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Post Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:44 am

Mr. Stian,

I refer to Acoustica Premium 7.1.16, running on Windows 10 Professional 64-bit.

My computer has a wide screen, so, in Acoustica's toolbar, there is plenty of free space to the right of the rightmost icon (currently, either a zoom tool or a retouch tool).

Couldn't the user be allowed to place on the toolbar other frequently used commands, like Volume, Equalizer, etc.? In other words, couldn't we have a partially customizable toolbar? Some icons, the ones that do exist today, would be fixed, mandatory, but to the right of them other icons could be placed at will by the user.

To save space on the toolbar, possibly each customizable command could have a either a two-letter or a three-letter icon, e.g. VO or VOL for Volume, EQ or EQZ for Equalizer, etc.

The text editor I use for programming, EditPad Pro, allows us to form one or more customizable toolbars. The browser Mozilla Firefox also has some toolbar customization capability.



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Re: Acoustica Premium 7.1.16 - toolbar / suggestion

Post Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:51 am

Hi Paulo!

I just realized that I didn't answer your post. I'm sorry for that. That's a good suggestion and a customizable toolbar has been on the roadmap for quite a while. How to deal with icons is actually why it has taken so long. I assume that we could simply offer some stock icons to choose from, or to simply display an abbreviation.


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