Acoustica Premium 7.1.16 - save as mp3 hangs Acoustica

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Post Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:33 pm

Mr. Stian,

I refer to Acoustica Premium 7.1.16 64-bit, running on Windows 10 Professional 64-bit.

In the last two or three days, some problem has been happening here with Acoustica which I cannot understand.

I open a WAV file and try to save it. If I save as WAV, it's all right. But if try to save as mp3, Acoustica hangs before actually saving the file, and the only way out is by killing the program through Windows. There is no crash report available. Just choosing the mp3 kind of files in the Save As window is enough for making Acoustica to hang.

If I open a mp3 file, I cannot save it in any way, because the mp3 kind of file is already selected, and Acoustica readily hangs when I click the Save button in the Save As window.

My Windows 10 has all the latest updates, and except for that issue everything seems to be working well with the other software on my computer.

I have restarted Windows, removed Acoustica, downloaded again the software and reinstalled it on the computer, to no avail: the problem continued exactly as before. Except for this "Save As" problem, Acoustica seems to be working fine (I can play a file, equalize it, etc.).

I have Audacity 2.3.2 (the latest version) installed on my computer, and this program works fine, including saving to mp3 (LAME is now included in Audacity).

I have really no idea about what may be happening and about how to solve this problem.



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Re: Acoustica Premium 7.1.16 - save as mp3 hangs Acoustica

Post Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:23 pm

Hi Paulo,

I'm sorry to hear that. I've tried to reproduce the issue, but it works fine on our test computers. Does the "Save As" command work when you open other file types? Also, is this one specific MP3 file or does it happen with all MP3 files that you load. I remember that you reported another problem with the save file chooser. I think the problem is one of two:
  • There's a "Shell Extension" installed on your computer that isn't compatible with Acoustica (shell extensions are small Explorer "plug-ins" that add them self to e.g. the file context menu)
  • The MP3 file you open has meta data that cause Acoustica to crash. If the error occurs with one specific MP3 file, please send it to our support ([at]

121 posts since 1 Oct, 2017

Re: Acoustica Premium 7.1.16 - save as mp3 hangs Acoustica

Post Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:16 am

Mr. Stian, thank you very much for your reply.

As far as I know, I don't have any Shell Extension installed on my computer.

I can save WAV, MP3 and FLAC files to any folder, except, it seems, MP3 files (any MP3 file) to the Downloads folder. I have made some further tests, and the issue seems to happen only when I attempt to save a file (initially opened in any of the three formats) into MP3 format to the Downloads folder. It is the combination of the MP3 save format and the Downloads folder that seems to make Acoustica to hang.

The Downloads folder, which sometimes I use as a temporary folder, is a part of the C: drive (it is C:\Users\<my name>\Downloads), and I have plenty of disk space in the C: drive (82 Gb free in the 256 Gb SSD drive that is the C: drive), so I think a lack of disk space is not the reason for Acoustica hanging. Anyway, Acoustica does not hang when I save a WAV or FLAC file to the Downloads folder.

It seems that a way out of this problem is just to stop using the Downloads folder, which I will do for now.

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